"It is good people who make good places." Black Beauty

A long, long time ago in a pasture far away….

When I was very young, I thought sure I was a horse.

Yes, a horse.

              I imagined wind through my mane as I galloped,

              and whinnied as I reared to touch the sky. 

I was disappointed to find it could never be true.

My parents assured me I wasn’t crazy,

just crazy about horses.

AdjustDSC08916Black Beauty

But Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty proved I wasn’t the only one who thought like a horse.

I traded in my imagined hooves and let my two feet discover other pastures.

I’ve been corralled in six states (Ohio and Florida twice),
trotted across the U.S. from the Atlantic to Pacific,
jumped over the pond to Europe, the Azores,
and flown the Pacific to whinny Aloha!
from emerald Hawaiian peaks.

And in my travels, I’ve read about what life
was like for those before me who
walked the same roads,
sailed the same oceans
or stood the same cliffs.

Along the way, I discovered less known stories for children about real people in history who never thought they would  become heroes. In pursuit of dreams,
they crossed oceans and lands, faced obstacles and defeat–but 
 never gave up, accomplishing goals beyond imagination

This is my own black beauty, Shadow Dancing.

An unexpected happy ending beyond my imagination.

"If a thing is right it can be done,
and if it is wrong it can be done without;
and a good (person) will find a way."
Anna Sewell, Black Beauty